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After my 2nd year as a math teacher in Camden, New Jersey, I realized my inability to truly serve my students who were limited due unhealthy habits of hot cheetos, honey buns, and soda breakfasts. When I talked to their parents, many did not realize what I thought was obvious -- the food they were eating effected their ability to learn. But most of the parents I worked with also were dealing with their many health issues -- diabities, heart disease, cancer. Many of the dis-eases were non-physical seeing the lack of peace many of my mothers had contributing mental and emotional health issues that effected the students. One year, one of my students dramatically improved her grades in math class. I was excited to tell her mom this but when her mom came, she wasn't the same woman. She lost 30 pounds and had more pep in her step while maintaing a peaceful charm. She looked great and I asked her what her secret was. She said she simply stopped eating sugar. But the best impact was that both her daughters started doing better in school as their mom improved her health.

Since then, I was interested in helping women heal knowing it effected their children positively and thus the future as we know it. I began Orisun Sister Circles in 2013 and it evolved to me continuing to create spaces especially dedicated to healing, especially historically marginalized populations.

Orisun is the Yourba word for source. We believe we are all apart of this Earth together inevitably effecting each other in every breath and action. When one of us heal, the world is a healthier place. However, we have to remember how to heal. It starts with a decision made by our own mind that we are worthy of the peace we desire. We make more decisions that increase that peace and watch it reflect in the world around us. Making new habits is easier when you have a community to support you. Creating art is one way to surpass the limits of our concous mind and connect to the same energy that created forests and mountain ranges, sunsets and blue birds, mangos and waterfalls. It all comes from the same Source power. When we seek to activate that power within ourselves and within each other, we all rise. Come, rise with us. Welcome to Orisun.

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