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For Da People

Updated: Jun 6

I know yall. It’s been a while. But we back!

January and February was full of love for Orisun. We hosted our Orisun Sister Circle on activating our intuition and divine guidance. Then we hosted our 5th Annual Akoma Day Celbration at The Affirmation Space. (Pictured above)

But then soon after, a winter storm came to Minnesota and we paused.

The Akoma Day (read, Black Love) Party showed me how important my people are to me. How I want to give my people the best I have to offer. How sometimes pausing, recentering and reconnecting to truth and love is a necessary iteration to serving.

So this summer, we outside! And we are moving with intention. Here are 5 ways Orisun is committing to moving with and for our people.

  1. Listen - I ,Lenora Magee, founder of Orisun, have a hard time listening. However, it has been a beautiful journey to stay present, practice active listening, and really be a student of my people. I fin myself asking more questions and I see how my curiosity creates connection. Then I learn so much about self & the world.

  2. Trusting the Light/Love/God in my people - Trust is hard for historically marginalized folx, including me. But I realized, I can rarely trust people but I can always trust Love/God. This means when my intuition speaks on when some “goofy” Action by and human creates this harmony, then I should move accordingly, trusting that their spirit was showing me they were not ready or did not desire for the connection that I may have wanted. This means when. Someone or something feel safe and peaceful, then be present and allow for the safety and peace to exist. This means being patient I’m getting to know somebody and allowing them to show me who they are with time and consistency. Trust is a muscle that takes a long time to build. But like any muscle, you must exercise it’s a building. And the best thing to trust is a divine and all things… At least I think so.

  3. Sharing & giving more - This winter made me want to hide inside my cave. There were so many trials and tribulations, I didn’t think I was worthy of peace and connection. However, when I started working with young people again, and giving more of myself, my heart found more healing. Serving others is a great way to connect with the divine within you. Orisun is about making space we can exchange love , wisdom, and care and leave a place better the we entered.

  4. Setting boundaries - The other side of the same coin. In his book, Love, Freedom and Aloneness, Middle Eastern poet & philosopher Osho says love is music. Solitude is silence. Relationship is sound. The right proportions of sound & silence makes music like relatioship & solitude make love more harmonious. By setting boundaries, I can allow myself the solitude necessary to show up more full of music when I love.

  5. Stay humble & vibe - Sonia Sanchez said to do her work with passion ”I had to wash my ego in the needs of my people” Creating this organization has been a great test to my ego. Sometimes ego tells me to be trendy though it feels authentic. Sometimes my ego has me paralyzed in fear of judgment and/or failure. Sometimes my ego has me thinking I can do no wrong hindering my growth. I have a lot I want to do with Orisun and so much to learn. But I started Orisun with my people in mind. By observing and listening to those who I seek to serve, I can attune my organiztion to their needs and inspire movement for a better future for our seeds. This means tuning into the flow of my energy & my community’s to know when to go hard, and when to allow. Decolonizing my mind and this world is a second by second practice but I’m grateful to it with and for you all.

What would you add to this list? In which ways do you seek to do one of these things? I’d love to hear from you. If not, I look forward to vibing with you. Bless 🙏🏾💕

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