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Wow. I can’t believe it’s been a whole 5 months since our last newsletter. Just know that is a reflection of how busy it has been over here. Like many of us, my hands have been in many pots and this newsletter has fell by the wayside but orisun has not stopped connecting with the community. We started a new event series, Orisun Soul Sessions, a space dedicated to live music, local performance artist and community healing. On Thursday, December 21, we celebrate Orisun Founder, Lenora Elaine’s birthday at the last Soul Session of the season. Click the link abover (or here) and join us!

Last time we talked, we just left the Summer Solstice. Now we approach the Winter Solstice full of gratitude for the Orsiun Tribe. Our community in Minnesoa and in Philily is amazing and we continue to make connections (shoutout to Memphis & LA!)

However, to make sure we expand with stability, Orisun will be speneing January to rest, reset and apply to grants to support our operations. We look forward to our annual Black Love Day Celebration on February 10.

Until, then, we invite you to become light with us. What that mean? Here are three ways we are letting the Solstice bring us into a wonderful new year.

  1. Grow in Love - The world is begging for more love right now and that idea used to SCARE me. I used to be afraid I did not have enough to give my people and I'd run out. However, like this universe, I am infinite and made of infinite love. My belief that I have infinite love to give allows me to be of service, be steadfast toward my goals to help improve my community, and be humble knowing that I am not here to recieve but to give love. This means when my family member needs more support, I tap into that infinite love and give support or link them with programs that are made to support them. This means when my students act up in class, I dig into that infinite love to collaborate for finding the core issues that cause disruption in the classroom. THis means when I see all the footage of oppressive states of being in the world, I access that infinite love to use my privalage to be a voice for the voiceless in all the ways I can. I have infinite Love to give. Love is my God power so I am never without.

  2. Grieve - As counter intutitve as it sounds, grieving allows us to release stagnant energy that can block our light. I found, grief held in the body turns to mental or physical illness leading me to act out, over eat or become anxious. Instead, I will give myself time to be sad, reflect and as for Love to guide me to peace. Prayer has always been a useful practice to get through grief. Allowing myself to hear God's guideance that gives me the sensation of warm peace. Following that warmth, I find the peice necessary to let go of what ever is causeing me pain and find the lesson in it all.

  3. Have fun - To be light, you gotta be light hearted. This means dancing while getting dressed, cooking and eating food you enjoy, trying new creative activities or flirting with your cute co-worker (hey, boo, heyyyy). All that to say, life will have it's valley's but it doesn't mean we can't boogie in them. We look foward to having more fun with the tribe in 2024 doing things that people really enjoy and enjoying them too. Enjoy life without judgement usually informed by imperialist philosophy. We are here to enjoy the colors God made. Let's do that!

How are you going to be more of a light in 2024? Tell us in the comments below or come be light with us at the next Orisun event! Love yall! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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