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Peace Out, Fear: The Art of the Detox

The start of a new seasons requires letting go of the one that just passed. Keke and Canada ain’t the only ones letting it burn. June was full of community connection and gathering of love. So much love, we have to make room for more.

Mama Earth, Speak, the art show and fundraiser we hosted for Nubian Moms, showed us how our community shows up for our community and how the power of us can help bring awareness and change to a reality that

It also showed us in order to co-create the reality we want for ourselves and our children, we must get rid of the paradigms, systems and institutions that hinder our collective growth.

The Summer Solstice brought a much needed revival of spirit and energy so that we can plant seeds. Growth is always happening but what of the weeds that threaten our harvest?

Join us this July, I was enjoying my summer (a lot ..hehe). So in August, it is time for a detox. We will take a look at what no longer serves us and let it go. But detoxing isn’t just lemon water and epsom salt baths. To truly detox, we must dig deep into our minds and spirits. Here are 5 beliefs, practices and perspectives Orisun is letting burn

1. Letting go of habits

We all know it is important to let go of habits the don't serve us (put that donut down girl!) but what about the not-so-bad habits that no longer serve who we have become. I've had the same morning ritual since 2016 but I realized it no longer serves the me of 2023. The me of 2023 wants more time to be free, creative and have a more intimate connection with God. I also have new health concerns that I didn't have 7 years ago and thus I decided to change. So I changed my morning routine, adding vitamins, probiotics and a dance session. Letting go of strict ideas about how my morning must go as long as God and I are connecting. I allow more time for creativity and less time for over thinking. I give myself more time talking to God and less time worrying. How can you change your habits to fit the person you've become?

2. Letting go of relationships

It is always sad to end a friendship. The person you enjoyed building with but you noticed little by little you couldn't resonate with for a long. Yet universal law informs us we all one. We can never be apart so I can never truly let a person go for they will always be and always was apart of me. Yet, some relationships much change. Where there was intimacy now there are strong boundaries for a more peaceful life. Also, our relationship to some things also must change. For instance, if I want to change my body, I must change my relationship to food. If I want to have more fun and relaxation, I must change my relationship with work. What relationships of yours must change for a more peaceful life?

3. Letting go of beliefs

In the same vein as changing my habits, I must change my habits of thought that cumulate to my beliefs. I found myself not enjoying life as much because I believed in order to be respected, I must behave "properly". After a couple of convesations with my home girls, my therapist and God, I realized "proper" is in the eye of the beholder. I decided to give myself a month of doing what excites me. This July has been the best July I've had in so long. My joy and pleasure were my priority and I realized I gained more community, love and respect than I expected I would be able to. I am now letting go of the belief healthy living is boring and bland. With that, enjoying cooking new recipes and new workouts. You can join me in my healthy living journey with Chakra Cleanse Challenge starting August 1.

4. Letting go of judgements

When we let go of our beliefs, our perspectives change. Often, I would be stuck in judgement it did not allow me to feel the connection that is always divinely present. As a result, I found myself not understanding myself cutting myself off from the neighbor I ultimately am. The judgement of others was really a judgement of self. Seeing a woman free in herself made me feel ashamed for desiring her flavor of freedom but feeling how it went against previously mentioned beliefs. As a result, I would condemn another for the way my beliefs system had me condemn myself (feel me?). In considering the perspective and truth of others, I gave myself permission to embody that which I previously feared. But two contrasting truths can not exist in my body at the same time. Thus, in finding pleasure and/or peace in the experience of the other, I had to let what ever judgment I made to embody some of that for myself.

5. Letting go of resistance

All of these things I release is ultimately a release of my resistance. Tension I have pent up trying to remain someone I am not. A futile attempt to live in a box when I'm a whole universe. I know something is true when the muscle fibers in my back instinctively release when i feel the initial expansion into all I am. But the last 3 years caused most of us more tension than we tend to acknowledge. It has to be a mindful minute - by - minute practice to release them muscle fibers with intention and a deep breath. Even now as I type this, I relize all the ways I am trying to be a writer you want to read. This requires me to make judgements based on my beliefs co-created by my closes relationships informing my habits and, eventually, my reality. But to release resistance is to be present and decide I am everything, everywhere all at once. It requires me to be curious and in tune with how I feel right now so I can make the best decisions. This practice ain't easy for a Black woman in America, trained to see herself as a threat and a victim of those who also forget , I'm God too. But being God/the universe/Black Woman/Me , I gotta just relax and know me is all I be. Releasing resistance means total self acceptance while continuously attuning to love & truth.

This month, I look forward to the experience practicing the release. I pray that I am protected by my discernment informed by the divine. I pray I can look through love and always vibrate true. I pray I end this month more wise and connected than before. Overall, I pray to be renewed.

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