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5 Songs that Teach Me To Surrender

Sorry we’re late…but we flowing…flowing right back to you, friend. After spending September to focus on Clarity, I found that now that I’m more clear due to a wonderful chakra healing writing session, an excellent biking adventure with Biking with Baddies focused self-forgiveness, a dope watercoloring experience for forgiving others (see below) and ending with a Orisun Sister Circle on strength and focus with Power of Movement, I found .y self hearing my intuitive gudiNce more clearly. But hearing & listening are two differemt thangs…so here are. Time to listen.


It is my belief that a universally divine force whispers music into artists’ ears and they recreate a JAM that uplifts you, recenters you and guides you. Here are 5 songs I heard to that helped me hear and surrender to something greater than myself.

1. Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart

When looking for direction, this song points me to my GPS, my heart. Sing to a power greater than yourself to guide you to your path. Yolanda captures the emotion we often feel when we hit rock bottom & need direction. But honestly, everytime I listen to this song, her words and heartfelt voice help me feel realigned.

2. Jill Scott - I’m Prettier

This song reminds me not to stress over what I can not control. Those wrinkles come that come with worry. Let it go and get pretty. Do what you can do to be your best and hopefully others will follow

3. Jhene Aiko - Trigger Protection Mantra

We are never alone. Some things are not ours to carry. Some times, we can’t see what threatens our peace. That’s where Spirit comes in. Love always guides and protects us. This a beautifully made reminder.

4. Bill Withers - Can We Pretend?

This song reminds me to stay present. There is no such thing as tomorrow because by time it gets to tomorrow it’s today. The past is a figment of our imagination created by our memory & perspective. Bill Withers reminds us to let go of our mistakes & pain of the past & surrender to the joy we find today.

5. Kamau ft Adi Oasis -- Mango

A love song that reminds me how to truly love. To love means to seek to give what is best for your beloved. Thing is, only your beloved can decide what is best for them. If being with me, in any way, is not for your highest good, I must surrender you to yourself because I love you. This song helps bring us to a non-codependent unconditional ideal of love that I seek to give to my people.

If you are interested in more sounds that help me surrender, listen to my Spotify playlist and allow your self to be carried by forces greater than yourself (i.e, Love, Spirt, Mother Earth, God).

What is your favorite song that reminds you to surrender? Share below. I'm going to add it to the play list!

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