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3 Ways I Create Clarity

We have missed you...…but we also understand sometimes space & time is needed to create clarity, clarity is needed for peace and peace for purpose and direction. So allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Lenora Magee, educator, artist & founder of Orisun Arts & Wellness. I started Orisun in 2014 with Orisun Sister Circles. But before my first sister circle, I was on my hands and knees cleaning my floor, talking to myself and looking for purpose. I felt my potential and power but I had no idea what to do with it. As I was cleaning, it dawned on me that I love creating workshops and connecting with my women. I decided then to host my first sister circle. We started with 2 or 3 ladies joinng me to 20 or 30 almost every sister circle. The growth came with consistency but the seed was planted after coming to a state of clarity.

Cleaning is just one way to create clarity needed but after some life changes, a dance battle with my demons and some time rebuilding my relationships with my family and the Creator, I found some other ways to create clarity I”d like to share with you.

3 Ways I Create Clarity

  1. Rest From 2016 - 2019, I was working HARD. A full time teacher, co-managing a non-profit, running an after school program, hosting monthly events and performing poetry almost every week. I was tiredt and everyone around me told me I need to sit. But I was running on pride and pain. Running away from my shadows and, eventually, hurting loved ones along the way. I was trying to maintain an image and keep up with an expectation that if I didn’t succeed, no one would like me. Truth was, if I didn’t feel like I alone was enough. Well, we all know what happened in 2020. I halted with the rest of the world. All the demons I brushed under the rug were sitting in my house without paying rent. I still ignored the truths trying to force me to grow but by the end of 2020, they had me beat. I asked my intuition what to do. All I heard was, “Sleep”. So I went back home under the care of my family and closest friends. I slept, I played,I meditated, I cried, I took long baths. I used plant medicine (herbs, fresh produce and yes, psychedelics…that’s another newsletter) to help me find solutions to issues I didn’t understand for so long. I was happily (f)unemployed and sitting down to have tea with my demons. Found out they were just my inner child wounded from neglect. The more I rested, the more I made peace with my truth, the more I could be my authentic self. My parasympathetic nervous system had a chance to activate and heal my spirit. All this to say, rest allowed me to slow down and make sense of my cluttered closet. I know it was a luxary some people don’t have but if you can find just 30 minutes a day to do NOTHING, you should and see what you see when the dust settles.

  2. Excercise One of my elders (Shoutout to Nana Korantemaa) taught me the power of movement and intention to release negative energy from your body. Simply waving your arms and affirming aloud “I release it!” can help you take whatever doesn’t serve you off you. Remembering her lesson, I decided everytime I excercised or moved my body, I was releasing energy I couldn’t name or see off me. When I excercise with this intention, after my heartbeat slows down, I am always hit with some kind of revelation or a poem that helps me articulate complex emotions. I invite you to join our next Orisun Sister Cirlce as we use this technique as a tool to cleanse our subtle bodies and forgive our selves.

  3. Writing The carthetic excerceis of writing helps release both physical and mental energy. Journaling has been a wonderful healing tool wihen I am caught in an emotional thunderstorm. The trick is to keep it 100. Telling myself the truth so that I can really hear the wisdom of my intution. After 3 pages of truth telling, I am always finidng clarity and more self-awareness. Poetry became my favorite artform because it was a way for me to express what I sometimes did not understand myself and to share with an audience who could relate. Here is an excercise for you: write for 12 minutes straight. Write only the truth and notice when your body gets tense or you want to run away. That shows a road block you must keep moving through. What conclusions do you draw at the end of this excercise? I pray you find the same clarity I do.

Honorable mention: Taking baths, going into nature, hugging a tree, playing with pets, cooking a good meal, cleaning my home, drinking water and eating clean.

I hope these methods help you as they have helped me. If you are looking to excercise more healing techniques in a safe space with a supportive community, come to one of our Orisun Events this September as we focus on clarity for this last quater of the 2022. BLESSINGS!

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